Fort Smith Paddling Club

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Membership Rates

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The following rates includes membership to:

The Fort Smith Paddling Club

The NWT Kayak Association

The Alberta Whitewater Association

Adult                                   $30

Family                                 $70


Membership Information

Liability Waiver


All club events are insured under the Alberta Whitewater Association. You must be a current club member to be covered. Memberships are renewed at the beginning of the paddling season. You sign the AWA waiver as you register online for your club membership.

Just in case you want a copy of the waivers:

Adult Waiver  printed here.

Youth Acknowledgement of Risks can be printed here.  

*no paperwork required for pool sessions!

Gear Rental

***Due to our insurance policy, all FSPC equipment must be used by club members, during club events.

Whitewater Package (Kayak+gear)

Daily   $30

Season  $150

Family Daily  $40

Family Season $300

Whitewater Canoe Package

$40 \ canoe

Season  $150

Stand Up Paddleboard

Same as whitewater package

Inflatable Kayak

Same as whitewater package

Paddle Raft (only available to approved raft captains)  

$100/day - all participants must be registered club members.

**Child and youth kayaks can only be rented for activities which include a certified instructor