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Edge King Throwdown (Slave River Big Air Competition)
Advance paddler competition

Big water freestyle is unpredictable and demands a certain perspective from its participants. The features are often super fast, flushy, exposed, and have huge eddies, are hike accessible, or they require you to tow in. The philosophy of the event is to have a freestyle event where the focus is on amplitude. How the competition works is that the paddlers who are at Paddlefest who are interested in this event scout out the biggest feature that is surfable at the time. In the past we’ve held the competition at Sweet Spot as well as Rollercoaster. The format is a jam session where competitors are split into heats, and depending on the wave have either 30 or 45 minutes (with a maximum surf of 45 seconds before you are whistled off) to try as many big tricks as possible.

We chose to follow rules similar to that of the White Nile's Festival. These rules tend to promote people trying to go really big, to try new things, as opposed to safe moves. The rules with also level the playing field somewhat and allow for more people to have a chance at the top spots. It doesn't matter if you flush or not, this point system is to promote going huge and to the progression of freestyle. It is based on a 5 point system.

-0.5 point tricks

shove its

-1 point tricks

-2 point tricks
back roundhouse
donkey flip/ silly flip
flip turn

-3 point tricks
pan am
flash back(back blunt)

-4 point tricks
Back Pan am
pistol flip/ mc nasty 

-5 point tricks
-trophy moves Ex. wave monkey, Bear screw

This is the basic point breakdown for each move, but bonus points are awarded as well


stuck(stayed on wave) -1 point

Big - 1 point
Huge -2 points
*big and huge are up to the discretion of the judges

linked -1 point, added to the sum of the two moves done

Clean -1 point, with the exception of 0.5 point moves where they are awarded 0.5

Heres a couple of examples

back pan am- big to stuck 

4 point trick
1 point big
1 point stuck

total of 6 points

-Clean Spin- stuck

0.5 point trick
0.5 point clean
1 point stuck

total of 2 points

-Kay- y (blunt to pistol flip)- flushed

2 point trick(blunt)
4 point trick (pistol flip)
1 point link

total of 7 points